Social Responsability

Our mission is to empower every dental clinic and every dental patient with the most innovative products.

Helping people

Over 10 years were spent developing a protocol and unit dose system that could truly address the global pandemic of cavities. Authorities across the world have all agreed that cavities are the most common infectious disease and that there are not enough dentists to meet the demand.

Even if there were enough dentists, traditional drill and fill methods fail a majority of the time and lead to more invasive and expensive procedures as the cavity progresses. Our system has been shown to arrest up to 98% of cavities and demonstrates preventative characteristics which dramatically decrease the need for expensive downstream procedures.

The compact, efficient, safe and easy to use features allow for the treatment of patients anywhere in the world.

You can help!

When you buy one of our products you are supporting free Dental Campaigns for people in places without medical access.